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Bulk Deactivation of Sure Product using License Management Portal

KB ID: 42G2206681
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Updated: June 2022

Surelock/Surefox/SureVideo Licenses can be managed through the License Activation console. Customers will often have to select the devices manually one by one to deactivate the license however it gets difficult to deactivate licenses on a large scale of about 100-500 or more devices which can be resolved by using the Bulk deactivation option to go and deactivate multiple devices with ease free. Below are the steps to be followed.

Login to the License Activation Console

Steps to deactivate Surelock/Surefox/SureVideo License

  • Once logged into the License Activation console, Navigate to Bulk Deactivation on the top right corner of the console and click on it.
  • In the Bulk Deactivation Page, We can search the devices by uploading a .csv file or by manually entering Device parameters such as IMEI/ BT-MAC/ WIFI-MAC/ GUID of the device ( To identify the device).
  • Select the type of Device Activation ID i.e. IMEI/ BT-MAC/ WIFI-MAC/ GUID from the dropdown to search the devices to be deactivated.
  • To search devices through .csv file
  1. Download the sample .csv file and Input Device Activation ID in the same format that was selected from the dropdown and save.
  2. Click on choose file and select the .csv file to upload.
  3. Click on search.
  4.  The devices with the said ID’s mentioned in the file will be listed on the right side of the Deactivation page. 

For example: When we select IMEI as the Device activation ID to search the devices, Enter the IMEI of the devices that need to be deactivated in the .csv file and then upload the file.

  • Similarly Enter the Device ID’s manually in the search box and click on search. The devices will be listed on the right side of the Deactivation page.
  • Now, Click on either Select all records on this page or select all records on all pages and then select Request for deactivation.
    • Select all records on this page – Selects all the devices listed on the current page.
    • Select all records on all pages – Selects all the devices listed on all the pages. 
  • Deactivation requests will be processed within 24hrs of the initiation.