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How to add applications to a folder on SureLock Homescreen?

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Last Updated: May 2021

Having a folder on the device home screen is helpful to segregate and assign applications based on the application usage and end user’s need.

In SureLock, we provide options to create a folder in which allowed applications can be added to ensure end-users do not have to deal with an unorganized home screen.

Below are the steps to add folders to the SureLock home screen.

1.  Access SureLock Admin Settings and tap Allowed Applications under Admin settings.

2.  On the Allowed Applications screen, tap Add Folder and the below details on the Folder Settings screen, admin can edit the following options:

  •       Label – Name of the folder. This is a mandatory field.
  •       Icon – Icon image for the folder
  •       Landscape Wallpaper – Wallpaper for the folder when in landscape mode
  •       Portrait Wallpaper – Wallpaper for the folder when in portrait mode
  •       Password – Lock password for the folder

3. Tap OK to create a folder. 

4.  Tap on the folder to open and follow the steps mentioned in Add Allowed Application to add approved applications to the folder.

a. Edit the Current Path of the application to add an already allowed application to the desired folder.
b. Tap the Remove option to delete the folder from the SureLock Home screen.

Once done, save the settings and the folder created will be seen on SureLock Home Screen with approved applications.

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