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How to collect SureMDM Nix agent logs on a MAC device?

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SureMDM Nix agent logs helps in tracking the records of all the events and activities which had occurred on a device. These logs would help the admins in analyzing the unexpected behavior on the devices. 

Below steps would help in gathering the SureMDM Nix agent logs from macOS devices and can be shared with 42Gears Technical Support Team for further analysis.

  1. On the device, make sure SureMDM Nix app is active and running(see image below).

2. Try to reproduce the issue on the device.

3. Keep the SureMDM Nix app running on the Mac.  

4. Then quit the app from MacBook using following commands. Open the terminal and run below commands:

  • launchctl unload “/Library/LaunchAgents/com.gears42.SureMDM-Nix.agent.plist”
  • killall ‘SureMDM Nix’

5. Goto Finder –> Application –> SureMDM Nix –> Right click on SureMDM Nix & click on Show Package Contents–> Contents –> MacOS –> Open SureMDM Nix terminal.

6. Now, login to the SureMDM console and target the affected device. Click on Remote Support on console & collect the log from MacBook SureMDM Nix terminal. (once the remote connection is established, the logs gets collected on the terminal as shown in below image).

7.Copy the log files and share it with us through email at techsupport@42gears.com.

NOTE : To enable the SureMDM agent back, relaunch the SureMDM Nix app on the device.

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Updated: July 2022

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