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How to configure display settings in SureLock for Android

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Display settings are a set of features to improve parameters such as the color output of the device, alter icon size, font size, text color, etc.,

  1. Install and Launch SureLock.
  2. Access SureLock Admin Settings.
  3. In the Admin Settings screen, tap on SureLock settings.
  4. Under the Display Settings configure the below features.
  • Row and Column Size: Use this option to change the grid size to a selected value. Admin can change the grid size for Portrait and Landscape mode.
  • Icon Size: Use this option to set the icon size of the application to Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Custom, or Original.
  • Font Size: Use this option to set the font size of the application to Small, Medium, Large, Custom, or same as icon size.
  • Use Classic Calculation: Use this option to use the older algorithm to calculate icon size.
  • Spacing between the Icons: Use this option to The Spacing between the icons option will allow the user to specify space between the approved applications’ icons on SureLock Home Screen.

Note: The value for the spacing between the icons can range between 1 and 50.

  • Text Color: This option will help the admin select a color for the text for the approved application titles on Surelock Home Screen.
  • Apps Order: Admin can set the order of the apps either alphabetically or sequentially using this option.
  • Allow Icon Relocation: Enable this option to let the user drag and drop the application icon on SureLock Home Screen.
  • Detect Network Connection: Enable this option to redirect the user to SureLock HomeScreen once the device gets connected to the network.
  • Full-Screen Mode: This option when enabled will automatically stretch the display to fit the complete screen of the device.
  • Notification Badge: Enable this option to see the notification badge on the application icon. This feature is available
  • Hide App Title: Use this option to hide the title of the approved application on SureLock Homescreen.
  • Floating Buttons Settings: Tap on this option to configure Floating buttons for Home, Back, Recent and Print buttons. Admin can also configure the color and size of the floating buttons to be displayed on the SureLock Home Screen.

    Note: Configuring floating buttons for Back and Print buttons is possible on Samsung devices with KNOX permissions or devices with signature permissions.

5. Tap on Done. The configured Display settings will be visible on SureLock HomeScreen.

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Updated: May 2021