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How to enroll Android Wear/Wear OS in SureMDM?

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Updated: June 2022

SureMDM enables enterprises to mass-deploy Google Wear OS apps on wearable devices, and remotely install, uninstall, or update apps. Wear OS v2.0 or later is supported in SureMDM.

To enroll Android Wear devices in SureMDM, we need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Install and Launch SureMDM Agent
  • Enroll Devices

Step 1 :- Install and Launch SureMDM Agent (Android Wear/Wear OS)

To install and launch SureMDM Agent for Smartwatches, follow these steps:

1.  Download SureMDM Agent for Smartwatches under Wear OS from our official website or from the play store.

2.  Tap Install.

3.  Once after installation, tap Open.

4.  Tap Allow and allow the required permissions: Storage/ Location/ Phone.

Step 2:- Enroll Devices

1.  On the SureMDM Agent home, enter SureMDM Account ID and tap Register.

2.  On the Configure Device Name prompt, select an option from the following to set the device name:

  • Set device name manually
  • Use IMEI number
  • Use MAC address
  • Use system-generated name

Once successfully configured, 

  • On the SureMDM Agent Home Screen, the device status will change to Online.

On the SureMDM Web Console, the device will start reflecting under the Device Grid.