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How to manage Camera Settings on Android devices running with SureLock?

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Updated: July 2021

Based on the deployment scenarios, the admin would block access to many applications. However, the Camera is an application which an admin cannot conclude if it’s going to be useful or not until used in production. The Camera also comes inbuilt in many applications which admin would like to use in production.

Using SureLock you can control the usage of Camera on Android devices running with OS between Lollipop and Pie. You can also control the Camera application on devices running with Android OS 10 and above if the devices are running with SureLock installed from SureMDM or if the devices are in Device Owner Mode.

Below are the steps to test this feature.

  1. Install and Launch SureLock.
  2. Access SureLock Admin Settings.
  3. In the Admin Settings screen, tap on SureLock settings.
  4. Navigate to Camera Settings and select it.
  5. This will prompt a Camera Settings screen with the Don’t care and Always Disable options.
  6. Select the option as per your requirement, save the changes, and go back to the SureLock Home screen.

The Camera application will behave as per the saved configurations in SureLock.

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