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How to perform App management in iOS user enrolled devices using SureMDM?

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Updated: March 2022

When iOS devices are enrolled through User Enrollment, admins cannot view or manage apps that the user has installed. On these devices, admins can only manage enterprise apps.

To create an enterprise App Store and configure applications remotely on the enrolled iOS device, follow these steps.

  1. Login to the SureMDM Web Console
  2. Navigate to App Store and select the iOSplatform and click Add New App.
  3. In Select Options prompt, select the desired option from the following to add the application:
   Upload ipa                 
 Manifest link
 Search from App Store
 Web App

     NoteSearch from App Store option is not supported for User Enrollment.  

     Once the app is successfully added, the application will start reflecting in the App Store screen.

  1. Go to Profiles iOS Add Application Policy Configure.
  2.  Enter a Profile Name.
  3.  In the Add App prompt, choose the App Name from drop-down menu.

Repeat step no.3 for more applications to list in App Name drop-down menu.  

  1. Select Auto Install and click Add.

     The application will be listed in the Application Policy section.

  1.  Select an application and click Config to setup the app’s managed configuration.
  2. In Application Configuration prompt, click Add and enter the following details:
    • Key
    • Type
    • Value
  1.  Click Add Save.

      The newly created profile will be listed in the Profiles section.

  1. Go back to Home tab and select the iOS device(s) or group(s).
  2. Click Apply to launchApply Job/Profile To Device prompt.
  3. In theApply Job/Profile To Deviceprompt, select the created profile and click Apply.

For more details on our SureMDM solution, clickhere.

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