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How to Perform Right-Click Actions On a Device In SureMDM

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IT admins can quickly perform certain actions by right-clicking a device listed in SureMDM’s  Device Grid. 

To execute right-click actions on a device, 

1.  Log into the SureMDM console.

2.  On the SureMDM console, navigate to Home.

     The enrolled devices will be listed in the Device Grid.  

3.  Select and right-click on a device.

A context menu will appear with the following options based on the device’s platform.

Description of Right-Click Actions  

Right-Click Actions

RefreshRefresh a device
RemoteInitiate a remote connection of a device
RebootRestart the device
Move to GroupMove the device to a Group
TagsMove the device to a Tag
DeleteDelete a device from the Device Grid
Push ApplicationInstall an application on a device
Push FileUpload a file on a device
SureLockInstall and manage SureLock settings on a device
SureFoxInstall and manage SureFox settings on a device
SureVideoInstall and manage SureVideo settings on a device
Configure SureMDM AgentConfigure SureMDM Agent settings on a device

4.  Select an action and click Ok.

      The specific action will be executed on the device.

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Updated: August 2021