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How to set Device Enrollment Rules in SureMDM?

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Updated: March 2022

When it comes to enrolling the devices, the admins need a way to easily identify their devices by setting the device name with a specific nomenclature as well as it is very important to authenticate the devices during enrollment for security reasons. This can be achieved using Device Enrollment Rules in the SureMDM web console. Refer the below mentioned steps for configuring the same.

Configure Device Naming rules:

Follow these steps to configure device naming rules in SureMDM web console:

  1. On the SureMDM console click on the Settings or Gears icon available on the top right corner of the console
  2. Click on Account Settings.
  3. Then, click on Device Enrollment Rules available from the list of options on the left panel of the screen. 
  4. Based on your requirement, set the below parameters for defining the device name.
PrefixText or numerals added at the beginning of the device name.
SuffixText or numerals added at the end of the device name.
Start CountThe number from which the count has to start. 
Number of DigitsThe number of characters of Start Count.
Next Device NameDisplays the device name that will be enrolled next.
ResetUse this option to reset the device naming counter for newly enrolled devices.
  • Below is a sample configuration of the device naming rules
  • Once the above is configured and when we enroll a new device, the device name is configured automatically as Device0003Test.
  • If we enroll a new device further, then the counter increments and we get the new device name as Device0004Test

Note: Clicking on Reset option would reset the ongoing counter of devices and would start from Device0003Test as in this example.

Configure Device Enrollment Authentication:

You can enforce a specific type of device authentication while enrolling a device to the SureMDM console. Follow the below steps to set the authentication method:

  • Check the Advanced Device Authentication to authenticate using a password on the device.
  • Select the Device Authentication Type from the drop-down list and set it based on your requirement:
No AuthenticationThe devices will not be required to be authenticated during enrollment
Require PasswordWould need to enter the password set as per parameter s configured
OAuth AuthenticationUsed to allow Active Directory authentication for enterprises’ who have an account in an Active Directory domain
SAML AuthenticationUsed to configure SureMDM using SAML based authentication for device enrollment with ADFS as identity provider

Use the enrollment identifier:

Use Serial Number: Use this option as an enrollment identifier when the Mac address/IMEI details are not available for a device.

Click on Apply once the above changes are made and save the configuration.

Whenever any new devices are enrolled, the devices will now be named as per the naming rules set above and will get authenticated with the method configured.

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