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How to set Screen Saver on Android devices running with SureLock?

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Updated: September 2021

Use the Screensaver Settings option available in SureLock to activate Screen Saver on device inactivity. This option allows only an image or GIF to be set as a screensaver and has the following options:

  • Enable Screensaver – Enables screensaver option
  • Use System Wallpaper – uses wallpaper of the device as the screensaver
  • Select Screensaver Media or Webpage – allows the user to browse and select an image / enter webpage URL for the screensaver
  • Screensaver Timeout – allows user to set a time of inactivity for the screensaver to appear

Note: The time (in secs) set for Idle Timeout should be higher than Screensaver Timeout.

Below are the steps to enable this option.

  1. Install and Launch SureLock.
  2. Access SureLock Admin Settings.
  3. In the Admin Settings screen, tap on SureLock settings.
  4. Goto Screensaver Settings option and tap on it.
  5. Check the Enable Screensaver option and configure it as per your need.
  6. Save the configuration changes.

This will display the screen saver on the device as configured above.

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