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Windows device enrollment options available with SureMDM

KB ID: 42G2012158
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Updated: August 2021

SureMDM, a device management solution that offers a wide range of remote device management support across many platforms also supports Windows devices. 

To remotely manage Windows devices it is necessary that the devices are enrolled to the SureMDM web console. Now there are 3 ways using which the Windows devices can be enrolled to SureMDM web console.

1. Normal Enrollment

2. EMM Enrollment

3. Dual enrollment (Normal + EMM)

Normal Enrollment

This process involves the SureMDM Agent being installed on the device. Once the app is installed, the user needs to enter the SureMDM Account ID and its respective server path in the SureMDM Agent. Click here for more details on this. 

EMM Enrollment

Windows enterprise devices will be enrolled in SureMDM using the EMM process. This process has some of the restrictions like the SureMDM Agent related jobs will not work such as dynamic jobs, FileStore, remote, Certificates, Data usage, etc. Click here for more details.

Dual Enrollment

In this process, the users will enroll the device using both the processes mentioned above, which are EMM enrollment and Normal enrollment. In this setup, both Windows EMM profiles and SureMDM Agent related jobs will be work. Click here for more details.

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