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How to use activate Android enterprise On Dedicated Devices Using QR Code?

When a new Android Enterprise Recommended device (Android 6.0/Marshmallow and above) is unboxed or an old one is factory reset and rebooted, a user can quickly enroll the device into a SureMDM account using a QR code scanner. Depending on administrator preferences, enrolling devices this way can auto-configure several device settings.

Steps to specify enrollment settings and generate a QR code

1. Log in to SureMDM Web Console.

2. Navigate to Enrollment > QR Code Enrollment > Get Started.

3. On the Setup QR Code for Enrollment prompt,

a. Under Enrollment Type option,

1. Give a name for the QR code.

2. Select Android platform. 

3. Select enrollment type as Android Enterprise Enrollment.

Note: Android Enterprise Enrollment option is visible only when SureMDM is configured with Android Enterprise.

b. Under Configure Options, enter or select the required details:

1. WiFi Credentials (optional)

2. Group to which device needs to be enrolled

3. Device Naming Parameter (IMEI/MAC Address/Serial Number/PhoneNumber/Device Name)                

4. Encryption option 

5. Nix Permission checklist

c. Under Save QR code option, click Download to download the QR code.

d. Click Save.

Newly created QR code will be listed under the QR Code Enrollment section.

4. Unbox the new device and switch it on or factory reset and reboot an unboxed/used device.

5. On the Welcome screen, tap 6 times to start QR Code setup. Now connect to Wi-Fi to auto start the installation of QR Code Reader. Once QR Code Reader gets installed, QR code setup screen appears on the device. Click Next button and accept the privacy policy to launch the QR Code reader. Scan the QR code that had been generated in step no. 3 d.

6. Agree to the terms and conditions.

7. Click on Download to download the QR Code. Once done, the device will install SureMDM Agent with the specified settings and get enrolled as a Dedicated Device in SureMDM Web Console.

Activate the device to be enrolled for the first time (either out-of-the-box, or using an older device immediately after a factory reset).

Android Enterprise also offers BYOD features to improve Android device usability, security, and flexibility in the business environment. You can explore SureMDM offerings for BYOD here.

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Updated on August 2021