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Allow Only Selected Files And Folders On An Android Mobile

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There are times when you do not necessarily want to lock down Android mobile devices with applications, however, lock them down with just some files or folders. SureLock is quite versatile when it comes to allowing different kinds of functions to lock down Android devices, it could be applications, documents like pdf/word/video files or general folders and files.

To learn how to allow documents like PDFs, PPTs, Videos and other documents in SureLock, click here.

To allow browsing and access to only specific files and folders in SureLock, we would need Locked File Explorer. It is a free product from 42Gears which restricts users to just whitelisted files and folders.

Using Locked File Explorer in conjunction with SureLock enables the administrators to lock down the Android device with access to only whitelisted files and folders.

Steps of setting up Locked File Explorer in SureLock

1. Install Locked File Explorer (LFE) application.

2. Once installed, go to LFE Admin settings > Allowed Folders > Select the Folders/files > Add.

3. Launch SureLock and allow Locked File Explorer (LFE) as an application.

4. Once done, the users can only launch Locked File Explorer (LFE) from SureLock Home Screen to access the specified folders and files.

Note: If any file requires a supporting application to open, for example, PDF Reader for PDF files. You can allow the supporting application in SureLock however, you can hide the document reader from SureLock Home Screen using Hide Icon option under Allowed Applications.

To read more about SureLockclick here.

To download Locked File Explorer (LFE)click here.

To download a trial version of SureLock for Androidclick here.

Updated on November 3, 2020

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