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An alternate method to add a shortcut for a .pdf file on SureLock homescreen

We may sometimes would like to add a shortcut for a particular pdf file on the SureLock home screen. There are two approaches to do this. You can click here for first approach.

Below steps can be referred for the second approach. There are mainly 2 steps involved

1. Steps to allow and hide intent App such as PDF reader(Browser, Chrome, etc) using which the .pdf shortcut will be launched within SureLock.

Steps: Goto SureLock Admin Settings-> Allowed Application->Add App (button)->Select the intent application -> Done.

Once done, go back to Allowed application screen->Select the allowed intent app-> Check Hide icon in Home Screen option.

This will allow and hide the intent application on SureLock home screen.

2. Add pdf Shortcut within SureLock settings.

Steps: Goto SureLock Admin Settings -> Manage Shortcuts -> Add shortcut and enter the following details.

  • Action: Enter ‘android.intent.action.VIEW’
  • URI: Enter the pdf file path. For example file:///sdcard//Downloads/test.pdf
  • Package name: Enter the intent app package name. For example com.adobe.reader
  • Class name: Enter the Class name For example com.adobe.reader.AdobeReadere

Once done, save the settings.

These steps will create a .pdf shortcut on SureLock home screen and when tried to open will open the shortcut with the intent application.

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Updated on May 2021