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How to Automatically approve of newly enrolled devices in SureMDM web Console?

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Updated: August 2021

If you are enrolling and approving multiple devices in your MDM, the process of manually approving each of those devices can be time-consuming.

SureMDM makes it easy by allowing importing of a list with pre-approved device details. Once this list is imported in SureMDM, whenever a new device is enrolled, SureMDM checks the pre-approved list and approves the device automatically if listed.

To create this setup, below are three steps to be followed:

1. Creating a pre-approved list with device details

2. Importing the file with the list of pre-approved devices in SureMDM

3. Configuring SureMDM Agent


To create a pre-approved list follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Log into Sure MDM web console and navigate to Pre-approved Section of the console.

2. Click Download Preapprove Template to download the format to pre approve the devices.

3. Open the format in NotePad and edit the following details.

  • Device Name
  • Hardware Address(IMEI or Mac or SerialNumber or AppleID)
  • Hardware Address Type
  • Group Path
  • Device Notes
  • Device Tag
  • Phone Number
  • Email Id

4. Once done, save the file in .csv format


To import the pre-approved list of devices in SureMDM Web Console, follow below-mentioned steps:

1. Log into SureMDM Web Console

2. On SureMDM Home, click on the Preapproved option under home

3. On the Preapproved screen, click on Import

4. Browse and select the .csv file

Now, whenever the devices with listed Hardware Address and Hardware Address Type in the .csv file gets enrolled, they will be automatically approved and added to the Device List section or assigned group.


To configure SureMDM Agent, follow below-mentioned steps:

1. Launch SureMDM Agent

2. On the SureMDM Welcome screen, tap Get Started

3. Grant the permissions requested to SureMDM agent and Enter the account number in the Enter SureMDM Account ID field and tap on Register

4. Next screen, select Use MAC Address or Use IMEI Number or Serial Number from the given options and tap on Set Device Name.

Ensure to use these as Hardware Address and Hardware Address Type in the .csv file which will be uploaded to SureMDM web console.

5. Next screen will be the SureMDM Agent Home Screen

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