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Block mobile workers from installing applications on official Android devices

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Updated: June 2021

Many organizations use mobile devices and tablets in their work environment to mobilize their workforce. However, free access to multimedia, games, and social networking applications can affect workforce productivity. It becomes necessary to adopt a security measure that can lock down mobile devices and allow users to use only allowed applications and also restrict the installation of third-party applications.

SureLock apart from blocking access to such non-productive applications, also allows you to block the installation of applications by users.

To block application installation, it is important to make sure that Package Installer is not added to the Allowed Applications list in SureLock. Package Installer is a service responsible for the installation of applications on the Android platform.

To remove Package Installer from the Allowed Applications list, follow the below-mentioned steps:

1.  Enter the SureLock Admin Settings using password (default ‘0000′).

2.  Tap Allowed Applications. 

3.  Check if the Allowed Applications list has Package Installer in the list. If yes, tap on Package Installer.

4.  Tap Remove.

This will remove Package Installer from Allowed Applications and block the installation of applications while the device is in Lockdown mode.

In addition to this, SureLock also has a special feature in Samsung KNOX devices to disable the application installation on the device.

To disable the application installation, follow these steps:

1.   Access SureLock Admin Settings using password (default ‘0000′).

2.  On Admin Settings, navigate to Samsung KNOX Settings and tap Enable Samsung KNOX.

3.  Further, tap the Disable Application Installation option.

This will ensure that the installation of new applications is disabled on Samsung devices.

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