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How to build secure web Kiosks Using Windows PCs And Tablets?

SureLock for Windows transforms Windows-based PCs and tablets by turning them into  secure kiosk systems. It allows the IT administrators to restrict the usage of these kiosks to only specified applications. With the latest update, 42Gears has made SureLock lockdown not only robust but also versatile with options to even restrict users to browsing of only specified websites or URLs.

To lock the device with only allowed applications and websites is very simple.

1. Download and install SureLock for Windows from 42Gears website.

2. Access SureLock Admin Settings.

3. Specify allowed application(s) and website(s) for device users.

4. Change default password to the desired one.

5. Now, your device is all ready to be deployed.

SureLock for Windows also supports deployment-friendly features like the ability to export and import settings to a file or to cloud for easy configuration of multiple devices at once. Read more here.

To download a trial version, click here.

To learn more about SureLock for Windowsclick here.

To request a demo of SureLock for Windowsclick here.

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Updated on June 2021