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Certificate support on SureFox Android

SureFox, a secure kiosk browser, uses the default system browser engine to operate. So, it just works like a normal browser but in kiosk mode with only whitelisted URLs/Websites. 

There are certain websites, whose functionalities are dependant on the trusted root certificate that is installed on the device and the functionalities might stop working if the certificate is not installed. 

If any vendor deprecates the support of their certificate on any specific Android version, the websites might not work on such an Android device browser. So, SureFox will also have the same effect when trying to access the website. Meaning, any deprecation of certificate support for any Android version browsers is applicable to SureFox as well.

A classic example of such is, Let’s Encrypt’s certificates. Their certificates are not supported on Android devices running OS versions older than 7.1. This means that the functionalities of the website/URL will not work on devices running with OS below 7.1, both inside SureFox and on other browsers installed on the device. 

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Updated on May 2021