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How to configure custom columns In SureMDM?

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Updated: August 2021

If you need to monitor custom hardware attached to devices enrolled in SureMDM (for example, a barcode scanner attached to an Android device), you can add one or more custom data columns to the SureMDM dashboard.

You will need to have the custom hardware report its data to the SureMDM device application (also known as “SureMDM Agent”), which can relay the information to the central console.

Steps to configure Custom Column in SureMDM

First, define the name of the custom column that you want to capture and follow the steps below:

NOTE: In this example, the name of the custom column is “Number of Scans.”.

1. Go to SureMDM Home and click the Column View.

2. Select Custom Column and click Settings.

3. On the Custom Column prompt, click Add.

4. On the ADD Custom Column prompt, enter the name of the column as the value added in custom_field_name

5. Click Ok to complete.

6. Now select the newly added custom column to add it to the column section.

Now, you need to create an Android application to capture the custom data and send it to the SureMDM application (a.k.a. SureMDM Agent). The Java code to send the information to SureMDM Agent is:

Intent intent = new Intent();
intent.putExtra("command", "setCustomField");
intent.putExtra("custom_field_name", "Number of Scans");
intent.putExtra("custom_info_key", "100");

Here, Number of Scans is the name of the custom column defined in the SureMDM console. This name should be exactly the same as the one defined in step no. 4. 100 is the value of the custom column that will be displayed in the SureMDM console.

On firing this Intent SureMDM Agent will report the custom column value to the server and the column section in the SureMDM Console will start displaying the chosen value.

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