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How to configure video caching feature on SureVideo for Android?

When you are playing videos on your kiosk directly from a URL, there are chances that you may face problems like:

1. No video playback when the kiosk is not connected to the Internet

2. Patchy streaming and disrupted video playback

3. High Internet bandwidth consumption

With SureVideo‘s new option to cache URL videos, your video requires to stream only once and is cached for subsequent playbacks. Thus minimum Internet bandwidth consumption, no disrupted playback, and no worries even if the kiosk device goes offline.

Here is how you enable URL video caching in SureVideo:

1. Tap on the SureVideo screen 5 times within 3 seconds

2. On password prompt, enter password and tap on OK

3. On SureVideo Settings Main Menu, tap on SureVideo Settings

4. On the SureVideo Settings screen, tap on Advanced Settings

5. On the Advance Settings screen, tap and enable Enable Caching option

Now, SureVideo will start caching the URL video. You can set a maximum size for SureVideo to the cache using the Max Cache Size option.

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Updated on June 2021