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Contacts Management Solution for ‘not-so-smart’ phones


Not all business phones are smartphones. But, does that mean those using such phones cannot benefit from an enterprise  contact management solution? More often than not, it is difficult for IT admins to ensure that all the employees are using a contact management solution to access business contacts and communicate with each other, especially if their  mobile phones do not run full-fledged mobile apps, have touch screens or AOSP devices. 

AstroContacts offers an easy solution to this through its Custom URL feature. This feature allows IT Admins to create a custom URL listing all business contacts with provisions to launch AstroContacts and use different forms of communication mediums like call, email or message and more. This custom URL then can be pushed to the mobile phones using ADB commands or using USB ports. 

To use this feature, you can create a custom web page using the following HTML codes, save the file and push it to the device:

1. Launch AstroContacts App

 <a href='astro://action?action=launch'>Launch</a> 

2. Opens QR code scan screen if users is not logged in to AstroContacts

<a href='astro://action?action=scanqrcode'>scanqrcode</a> 

3. Search contact with name and call on contact’s first number

 a href="astro://call?name=abc">Call abc</a> 

4. Search contact with name and message on contact’s first number

 <a href="astro://text?name=abc">Text abc</a> 

5. Search contact with name and email on contact’s first email address

 <a href="astro://email?name=abc">Mail abc</a> 

6. Logout from AstroContacts App

 <a href='astro://action?action=logout'>Logout</a>

Once pushed to the device, the user can launch this custom URL using the native browser and use the links provided to perform different actions available in the AstroContacts mobile app.


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Updated on May 2021