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Deprecation of creating Users with the same email ID on SureMDM-SaaS

In the past we had an option where admins could create SureMDM users in-order to access the console with the same email ID. There could be multiple SureMDM consoles which a User might need access to with limited or full access and Admins used to create new users with the same email IDs.

With the recent changes due to certain security reasons, there has been a check mechanism enabled for the additional parameter i.e Email Address. Whenever an Admin creates an user on one account, the same email address cannot be used on another account within the same region. The email ID has been considered as a unique identifier for setting up users across SureMDM consoles within a region. 

NOTE: This change would be applicable only to the new users created on the SureMDM console. (i.e Any new users created should have unique email IDs across SureMDM SaaS region). Existing users (Users which are already created prior to this change) would function without any challenges.

With this change, when an Admin tries to create a new user with the same email address on a different account within the same region, they would encounter an error message such as “ Please choose a different user name, as this one already exists” or “Please provide a different email, as user with this email already exists”


If an Admin has a use case with User Management where they would have multiple SureMDM instances and they would like to create the same user on all of the instances, they should follow the below two options:

Option 1: Use an alias of the original email address. 

Email alias is a forwarding email address that an admin adds to a user’s primary email address. Messages sent to the email alias automatically route to the user’s primary email account’s inbox.

Option 2: Use of SureMDM hub Service.

If the Admin feels that it’s not feasible to create an alias of an email address for the user, they can choose our existing service “SureMDM hub” which provides a seamless feature of managing and creating the instances along with the user creations with necessary permissions.

With the SureMDM Hub service, we have a privilege where we could use an unique email address mapped to a number of MDM Instances with Enabling Plus Addressing and adding a Base Email ID as shown below.

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Updated on April 2024