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Differences between SureFox Basic and SureFox Pro

Two variants of SureFox for Android are available –SureFox Basic and SureFox Pro. There are a few important differences between SureFox Basic and SureFox Pro. It is important to consider the deployment scenario before deciding upon which variant to choose.

Coming to the differences, SureFox Basic is not a kiosk application wherein an admin cannot restrict the end-user to use only the Allowed Websites and nothing else. This means SureFox can be exited on the device by pressing the Home button on the device. This variant of SureFox should be used with a kiosk application to use SureFox to its full advantage. Generally, customers use SureFox Basic with SureLock and allow applications and websites on the device for users to use.

SureFox Pro on the other hand is a kiosk application that needs to be set as the default Homescreen Application for it to work. This means that when the kiosk mode is enabled on the SureFox Pro, the user cannot exit from SureFox by pressing on the Home button of the device. SureFox Pro will prevent the launch of unallowed apps, dismiss system notifications as well as allow toolbar applications automatically without the need for any 3rd party applications. Hence if you need a kiosk mode lock down web browser, SureFox Pro is recommended for you.

Following is a brief-up of the differences:

Main FeaturesSureFox BasicSureFox Pro
Restrict Access to Home Screen using Home ButtonХ
Restrict use of other applicationsХ
Run SureFox in Kiosk ModeХ
Disable System BarХ
Disable Notifictation PanelХ
Enable SureFox ToolbarХ
Enable Toolbar ApplicationsХ

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Updated on May 2021