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Different types of Historical Data available with SureMDM

SureMDM saves different types of historical data. The number of days this data remains saved depends on account types available in SureMDM. SureMDM supports 3 types of accounts which are Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. For details on the difference between these accounts can be found here

One of the pointers that differ for these account types is the Historical data. Below are the types of historical data SureMDM gathers from the device. 

  • Location
  • Battery info
  • RAM info
  • Storage info
  • Wifi and Phone signal strength
  • CPU usage
  • Battery Temperature
  • Data usage
  • SMS/Call logs

It is best for an admin to choose a plan which suits their requirements from the above-mentioned SureMDM account types 

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If you need further assistance, please submit a ticket here 

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Updated on March 2024