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How to enroll devices in Device Admin Mode on the SureMDM console

SureMDM offers a simple solution in the form of a QR Code for mass configuration and deployment. You can create a QR code that can be scanned to enroll the device in the SureMDM console using the SureMDM Agent installed on the device. Once the device is enrolled, you can right away start managing your Android devices using the SureMDM Web Console.


The purpose of the article is to provide a guide on how to enroll devices in Device Admin Mode on the SureMDM console.


  •  Device Admin Enrollment will be supported only on Android 5 and above devices. 
  • The Device Admin enrollment is not recommended and has been deprecated and replaced by the Device Owner enrollment.
  • For more information related to this, please refer to this article.


1. Login to the SureMDM Console.

2. Navigate to Enrollment > QR Code Enrollment > New.

4. On the Setup QR Code for Enrollment prompt,

a. Under the Enrollment Type tab,

  1. Give a Name for the QR code.
  2. Select the Android platform.  
  3. Select the Enrollment type as Device Admin Enrollment.

b. Under the Configure Options tab, enter or select the required details:

  1. Select a group where the device will be enrolled.
  2. Select the Device Naming Parameter from the following options.

3. Expiry Date and Time: Admin can set a time and date for a QR code to expire.

4. Maximum Number of Devices:  Admins can restrict the usage of QR codes for Android enrollment to a limited number of devices

NOTE: “Maximum Number of Devices” and “Expiry Date & Time” options are supported from SureMDM Agent v27.07.02 onwards.

5. Click Next and Save the QR code.

A newly created QR code will be listed under the QR Code Enrollment section.

6. Launch SureMDM Agent on the device and select Settings > Enroll Device Using QR Code to scan the QR Code of the SureMDM Console for instant configuration.

Once the SureMDM Nix Agent is configured, you can start remotely managing, monitoring, and even locking down mobile devices.

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Updated on January 2024