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Error 2000423 while activating the products.

Error 20000423 appears when a customer tries to activate a version of the product which was released after the activation code expired. This means that the support period for the licenses associated with the activation code has expired. 

​Customers can verify the details of the activation code by logging into the License portal with the registered e-mail ID (Used while buying the license) and activation code. Following this, customers can reach out to 42Gears Sales Team for license renewal.

However, there is also a workaround for this and get the product work as it is. Below are the steps. 

1. Note down the expiry date of the activation code from the license portal.

2. Open 42Gears website and navigate the product page to which the activation code belongs to. 

3. Check for the Past release page of the product and open it. 

4. Compare the expiry date of the activation code and date of release of product versions. 

5. Download the version of the product on the device, whose date of release is older or equal to the date of expiry of the activation code. 

6. Once done, activate the product with the same activation code and continue using it. 

Note: If the licenses are expired, the customer can not raise the deactivation request from the Activation portal. 

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Updated on June 2021