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Features in Remote Support

KB ID: 42G2209858
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Updated: September 2022

SureMDM offers a Remote feature that allows IT admins to remotely connect to end-user devices for troubleshooting and maintenance. Alongside this, this article tells the efficient configuration options available.

  1. Login to SureMDM Console
  2. Click on the Settings icon on the right top corner
  3. Select Account Settings and further navigate to Miscellaneous settings.
  4. Scroll down to the Remote Support section

    • Use Advanced Remote Support(Beta) – This enables enhanced remote performance(The feature is still under beta)
    • Don’t Pause Screen Capture – Enabling this option will keep the remote screen connected and consume the data on the device side in sending the packets to the server
    • Zip All Downloads – Enabling this option makes any download of the files/folders from the remote screen would be zipped.
    • Remote Session Idle Timeout – Enabling this option would disconnect the remote screen connection after the specified time.

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