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How does the enabled file store work for Android and iOS devices

A safe means to exchange and distribute corporate files on Android and iOS devices is now provided by SureMDM through the File Store option, in addition to its expanded mobile device management (MDM) functions. With this new feature, IT administrators may set up a document library and share assets like photographs, movies, and other documents with all of the enrolled Android and iOS devices.

Without deploying profiles on the devices, we can just upload files to the shared folder and enable file storage on all devices. Users can then access the contents through the file store application.


The purpose of this knowledge article is to provide a guide on how enabling file storage for all devices works.




  1. Login to the SureMDM Web console.
  2. Go to the File Store.
  3. Toggle ON: Enable File Store for All Devices.
  4. Upload files to the Shared folder.
  5. Launch the SureMDM File Store application from the device, and files will be visible.
  6. Files will be instantly synced to the file store app on the device’s end. Users can then download and access the files.
  • After the process is finished successfully, an Android smartphone will have an app called SureMDM File Store. This app will list the shared files and allow users to download them.
  • On iOS devices, an additional tab titled “EFSS” in the SureMDM Agent tab will be created that lists the shared files available for download.

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Updated on July 2023