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How to apply SureLock or SureFox Manage Configuration from Scan2Deploy Studio on Datalogic devices?

You can use Scan2Deploy Studio to configure device settings for Datalogic devices. The admins can also use Scan2Deploy Studio desktop application to configure SureLock and SureFox settings on Datalogic android devices. To configure the SureLock and SureFox settings through Scan2Deploy Studio, follow the steps mentioned below.

Configure and generate QR Code in Scan2Deploy Studio:

1. Launch Scan2Deploy and then click on Create

2. Configure the following Device details from Select deployment actions to embed in barcode page:

  • Select the device from Select Model dropdown.
  • Choose SKU from Select SKU dropdown.
  • Select OS version from Select OS Version dropdown.

3. Then, configure the following Deployment Actions from Select deployment actions to embed in barcode page.

  • Select Wi-Fi Setup for WI-FI configuration.
  • Select Applications for Managed Configuration, Installing custom applications and Updating Datalogic Apps such as Enterprise Agent, SoftSpot, SureFox, SureLock with the latest versions.

4. Navigate to Wi-Fi Setup Page and configure SSID, Encryption Mode and Password.

5. Navigate to the Manage tab under Applications page.

6. Click on the Configure app Settings icon for SureLock or SureFox Application and configure the SureLock or SureFox Settings and click on Done.

7. Navigate to the Update tab under the Applications page and select the required applications to install or upgrade with the latest version.

8. Then, navigate to the Save and Print page.

9. Enter Profile Name and Select Profile Host Location as Scan2Deploy Studio.

10. Click on Save to generate the QR Code.

How to configure the device after a factory reset:

1. Factory reset the device and boot the device.

2. On the Start screen, press both scan keys and scan the QR code of Scan2Deploy Studio.

3. Then, tap on the ACCEPT & CONTINUE option.

The Device will now get set up with the above configurations. SureLock and SureFox configurations should apply while launching those applications.

How to configure the device using ScanDeploy application post configuring the device:

1. Launch the Scan2Deploy Application on the device and scan the QR Code generated from the Scan2Deploy studio earlier.

2. The device will initially try to configure and install the latest Scan2Deploy Application.

3. Now, click on the Home button.

4. Launch the Scan2Deploy Application again and scan the QR Code generated from Scan2Deploy studio to install and apply SureLock/SureFox Settings which was configured earlier through the studio.

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Updated on April 2022