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How to apply Zebra OEMConfig with SureMDM?

The Zebra OEMConfig app enables IT admins to perform actions and configure settings on Zebra’s Android devices. You can easily deploy the Zebra OEMConfig app to each device using Android Enterprise APIs and SureMDM.

Steps to Configure And Install Zebra OEMConfig App On Devices Using SureMDM

Note: Please enable Android Enterprise to use OEMConfig in SureMDM. For details on how to enable Android Enterprise in the SureMDM, please click here.

1. Log into the SureMDM Web Console.

2. Navigate to the Profiles section of SureMDM web console.

3. On the Profiles screen, select the Android tab, and click Add.

4. Once done, Policy section of Android profiles will be seen. Navigate and select Application Policy, and click Configure.

5. Name the Profile and click Add.

6. On the Select Application Source prompt, click Play For Work.

Note: For details on how to add applications to App Store, please click here

7. On the Android Enterprise Apps prompt, search for the Zebra OEMConfig app and select it.

8. Under the Managed Configuration option, name the configuration and specify its details.

  • You can configure the Date and Time settings under Clock Configuration options in Zebra managed configuration to Enable Time Mode, Select Time Zone Mode, or Enable Time Format.
  • You can configure the Camera settings under Camera Configuration options in Zebra managed configuration to Enable or Disable the Use Of Back Camera, Use Of Front Camera and Use Of Imager.

10. Click Save to save the configuration.

11. On the Play Store Application Policy prompt, specify other settings (listed below) and click Next.

  • Pinning App – Pin the app on the device screen so that the user does not have access to any other device functions or features except the app that is pinned.
  • Install Silently – Install apps on the device remotely without involving the device user.
  • Allow In Kiosk Mode – Run the application in kiosk mode with no access to other functions on the device.

12. Next, grant App Permissions to the app and click Finish. These permissions can also be left at their default options.

13. Once back on the Android Profile screen, click Save to finish creating an Application policy with the configured OEMConfig application.

14. Go back to the SureMDM Home page, select the desired device(s) or group(s), and click Apply to apply this Profile.

Once this is done, the pushed changes will reflect on your Zebra device(s).

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Updated on June 2021