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How to collect a diagnostic report on a Windows machine

This report shows the applied configuration states of your device, including policy CSPSettings, certificates, configuration sources, and resource information, including a full list of Windows 10 CSP policies.


The purpose of the article is to provide a guide on how to collect diagnostic logs on Windows machines to check the configurations and policies.


  • Devices should be enrolled to console either in Dual or EMM.


  1. On the Windows machine, search for Access work or school in the settings.
  2. Expand connected to suremdm@42gears.com under Access work or school, then select Info alongside the managed device.
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Create Report under Advanced Diagnostic Report.

4. Click on Export and the report will be saved in the following path C:\Users\Public\Documents\MDMDiagnostics.

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Updated on March 2024