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How To Configure Multiple Wi-Fi Networks On iOS Devices?

You can configure multiple Wi-Fi networks for one device with SureMDM, which allows users to switch between a limited number of pre-approved networks easily.

Steps to configure multiple Wi-Fi networks on iOS devices

1. Login to SureMDM Web Console.

2. Click Profiles.

3. Select iOS  as the platform.

4. Click Add.

5. Select Wi-Fi Configuration and click on Configure.

6. Under Wi-Fi Configuration, click Add.

7. On the Wi-Fi Configuration prompt, enter SSIDSecurity Type, Password and enable Auto Join.

8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 for configuring another Wi-Fi SSID.

9. Enter a name for the profile and save it.

Additionally, companies can also push SCEP certificate onto iOS devices for an extra level of security.

Steps to specify certificates and authenticate the device accessing your network

1. Under iOS MDM Profile, select Certificates.

2. Click Configure.

3. In the new prompt, enable Create Certificate Using SCEP , give a name and click Add.

4. Now, go to Wi-Fi Configuration. Give a name to the profile and click Add. On the Wi-Fi Configuration prompt, select the Security Type as EAP/TLS. Check Certificate-Based Authentication checkbox. Click on Add Certificate to select the created certificate and click Save.

5. Click Save.

Steps to apply profile on an iOS device

1. On the SureMDM Home page, select the device or group of devices and click Apply.

2. Click Apply to apply the created job or profile to the device.

Once this is configured, users just have to select and click the Wi-Fi network they want to connect to whenever they need to access an alternate network. The device will automatically connect.

Ensure business devices are always connected to a secured network with SureMDM. Try this feature (and many others) in SureMDM for free.

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Updated on June 2021