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How to configure permissions for Job Folder Set based on Admin

SureMDM allows the admin user to grant limited access to the users in terms of Job/Profiles Folders. The said users will have access to manage only specific Job Folder(s) and Profile Folder(s). Every time the restricted user logs in using their login credentials, they will have access to only those Jobs or Folders that are assigned to the users.


The purpose of this knowledge article is to provide a guide on how to configure permissions for the job folder set based on Admin.




1. Login to SureMDM Console.

2. Navigate to Settings (Icon located on the top right of the console) and further click on User Management.

3. In the User Management screen, select the Jobs/Profile Folder Set tab and click +Add.

4. In the Job/Profile Folders window,

  • Enter the Name and Description.
  • De-select the Folder(s) that must be hidden from the user under the Jobs and Profile module.
  • New Folder Permission: The administrator can allow the user to view the Folders that will be added in the future by selecting the options as below.

5. The newly created Jobs/Profile Group set rules will be listed under User Management >>Jobs/Profile Folder set.

Once the Jobs/Profile Folder set is created, the Account Admin can assign the same rules created to the users.

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Updated on November 2023