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How to Configure SSO with One Login?

KB ID: 42G2208394
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Updated: August 2022

Single SignOn (SSO) is an authentication process that allows a user to access multiple applications with one set of login credentials.

OneLogin’s Trusted Experience Platform provides everything you need to secure your workforce, customer, and partner data.

There are two steps involved in configuring SSO with OneLogin server:

. Configure settings in OneLogin server
. Configure settings in SureMDM Web Console

Changes on One Login Server:

1. Log in to one Login Server > Apps > Add Apps

2. On Search Tab, search for SAML Application

3. Select SAML Test Connector (Idp)

4. Create a new app with the name – SureMDM

5. Navigate to the Configuration tab, and enter the following details:

Relay State: <Blank>

Audience urn: 42gears:suremdm:SAML2ServiceProvider

Recipient: https://suremdm.42gears.com/console/ssoconsumer/1210001

ACS (Consumer) URL Validator: https://suremdm.42gears.com/console/ssoconsumer/1210001

ACS (Consumer) URL*: https://suremdm.42gears.com/console/ssoconsumer/1210001

Single Logout URL: https://suremdm.42gears.com/console/ssoservice/1210001

Note: The account id in the above case (1210001) should be your user account ID of SureMDM

6. Click on Save

7. Select SSO Tab and change SAML Signature Algorithm to SHA -256

8. Click on Save

9. Download SAML Metadata from the More Actions section present at the top of the page

Changes on SureMDM Server:

1. Login to https://suremdm.42gears.com

2. Go to Settings > Advanced settings > Single Sign On and enter the following details from your
metadata file:

Service URL: This value is present under EntityDescriptor tag, entityID property of your metadata
XML file

Example: https://42g.onelogin.com/trust/saml2/http-redirect/sso/651423

Service Identifier: This value is present under EntityDescriptor > IDPSSODescriptor >

SingleSignOnService (node with HTTP-Redirect binding) > Location

Example: https://app.onelogin.com/saml/metadata/651423

3. Copy the text value present inside EntityDescriptor > KeyDescriptor > ds:KeyInfo > ds:X509Data >
ds:X509 Certificate and save it in a file with extension .cer

4. Upload this cer file by clicking on Upload Certificate. Keep the password field empty. If you don’t
see the Upload Certificate option but see Download Certificate instead, then delete the existing
certificate and upload the saved cer file

5. Log in to one login, then use the below URL to login to MDM Server. 0417016 is your SureMDM
account ID


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