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How to create an account, assign licenses and roles to customers/tenants in SureMDM Hub?

SureMDM now supports a multi-tenant setup where a customer can serve multiple customers under a single instance of SureMDM. This new implementation can be very helpful for 42Gears partners and re-sellers to manage different types of customers with different licensing models and varying numbers of licenses under the same instance of SureMDM. 

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  1. Login to SureMDM Hub Console. Click here for details on how to get started.
  2. Navigate to Customers and click on Create New Customer
  3. In the Create Customer form, enter the E-mail ID and other details and Save the entered details.
  4. Verify the E-mail ID by clicking on the verification link sent to the E-mail ID.
  5. Once done with the verification process, you will be navigated to the Login screen.
  6. Click Login, to navigate to Tenant/Customer console login page
  7. Enter the username and password entered in Step 3 to Login. Once done, change and confirm the new password.

To verify if the new customer/Tenant has been created, log in to the SureMDM Hub console with the administrator credentials. New customer/Tenant will be listed in the console. 

1.Login to SureMDM Hub Console.

2.Select customer name from the list and Click License Per Customer button available above the customer grid. Refer to the screenshot below.

3. A License Details screen will be prompted. Select the License type from the dropdown menu and enter other details such as License count, Things License count, and VR License count. Once done, Confirm the details.

4. Confirmation of details will populate the Account ID and other Licensing details in the License Details screen. Click Update to update these details in case of discrepancies.

To verify if the license details are updates, navigate back to the customer grid and search for the customer/tenant entry. You will be able to see the license type updated for the customer as shown in the screenshot below.

There are two steps to do this. 

  1. Create Roles: Roles are nothing but designations to handle the fucntiononing of SureMDM Hub. 
  2. Admin users: Assigning the designation to the user who will handle all the assigned functions in SureMDM Hub. 
Below are the steps to create Roles. 
  1. Login to SureMDM Hub Console and click on User Management Tab to expand it. 
  2. Navigate to Roles and click Add Role.
  3. In the Add Role prompt, enter the Name and description of the role and select permissions under Roles to be granted to the roles. Click Save. 

This will create a Role and will be listed under Roles. 

Further, below are the steps to assign these roles to Users.

1. Login to SureMDM Hub Console and click on User Management Tab to expand it.

2. Navigate to Add Users and click Create New User.

3. In the Add New User screen enter the requested details. Please note that by default all the users will be given Super User permissions under Roles in Add New User Scren. This has to be changed to desired one from the drop down menu.

4. Save the changes. 

You can verify that the Admin user created in will be listed under the Users List in SureMDM Hub console.

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Updated on August 2021