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How to create an interactive dashboard on SureMDM

A dashboard is a visual display of all data that gives an overview of the reports that are more commonly checked. SureMDM Console dashboard is an easy-to-comprehend, one-page graphical representation view of device details, their status, alerts, notifications, and more.

With the addition of an HTML5-based dashboard in the SureMDM Web Console, admins can have a customized dashboard of their own. Sort, filter, and organize to get customized panels with summarized views of device parameters of your choice. Plus, it doesn’t matter if you have multiple admins for one single account; every admin will have his own personalized view of the dashboard.


The purpose of this knowledge article is to provide a guide on how to create an interactive dashboard on SureMDM.




  1. Login to the SureMDM console.
  2. Click on the Dashboard in the navigation.
  3. Click on the Create Dashboard.
  4. Enter the Name and Description, and select the Access type.
  • Private: Access only for Creators
  • My Account: Only logged-in users in this account have access.
  • Roles: Access will be based on role level.
  • Users: Access will be based on user level.

5. Select the options here as per the requirements. The types are listed below.

  • Device Details
    • OS Platforms
    • Available Battery Percentage
    • Available RAM Percentage
    • Available Storage Percentage
    • Data Usage Status(Mobile Data)
    • Intel® AMT Status
  • Device Status
    • Last Connected
    • Online / Offline
    • Device Sim Status
    • Roaming Status
  • Alert & Notifications
    • Unread Mail
    • Unapproved Devices
    • Jobs
    • OS Updates
    • FOTA Registration Status
  • Compliance Status
Overall ComplianceOS VersionRooted Compliance
Security Patch LevelOnline Device ConnectivitySIM Change
Password PolicyBatteryWi-Fi Signal Strength
Blocklisted ApplicationsMobile Network ConnectivityWindows Health Attestation
Active Kiosk ApplicationWindows Copy Genuine ValidationWindows Update
Device StorageDevice EncryptionMobile Threat Defense
Location AccessHardware ChangeCustom
  • Custom Analytics
    • SureLock Analytics
    • Device Info
    • Data Usage

6. Click Next.

7. Select the Group or Tags to prepare the dashboard, and click Save.

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Updated on November 2023