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How To Create Your Own Branded SureMDM Agent Application

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You can create a custom variant of SureMDM’s on-device app, SureMDM Nix Agent. Downloading your custom version onto Android devices will automatically enroll those devices into SureMDM.

Here is how it works

You create a Custom SureMDM Nix Agent using SureMDM Web Console and generate a custom agent. Download and install this Custom SureMDM Nix Agent on your mobile devices for automatic enrollment in your SureMDM Account and configuration.

Steps to create a Custom SureMDM Nix Agent using the SureMDM Web Console

1. On an administrator device, configure the SureMDM Nix Agent apps settings (including your SureMDM Account ID) to be exactly as you would like them to be on other devices.

2. Navigate to Under/Export Settings, and then select Export Settings to File. This will create an XML file on your device storing all of your chosen settings.

3. Copy this XML file on your computer.

4. Log into your SureMDM Account.

5. Go to Settings Account Settings.

6. Under the Customize Nix/SureLock tab, select SureMDM Nix Agent as the app.

7. Name your custom Nix Agent app.

8. Import the XML settings file that you copied to your computer in Step 3. Make changes if required.

9. Select an App Icon Launcher.

10. Click on Generate.

11. Use the Download button to download your Custom Nix Agent.

12. Install the Custom Nix Agent on your mobile device.

Once successfully installed on the device, your device will now be automatically enrolled in your SureMDM Account with your specified settings and customizations.

SureMDM also offers other forms of mass enrollment, including QR code compatibility and out-of-box enrollment. To read more about SureMDM and try it for free, click here.

Updated on July 16, 2020

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