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How to disable the retail mode app on Samsung devices

Retail mode on Samsung devices is a kiosk-type mode that is built into all Samsung devices. This mode can be used when the devices are set up for display.

However, Retail mode is not suitable for enterprise purposes because of the limitations listed below.
Limited Functionality: Retail mode typically restricts certain features and customizations that businesses may need.
Security Risks: Devices in retail mode may have disabled security settings to facilitate easy access for customers in a store environment.
Data Management: Retail mode often prevents the storage of personal data or the use of business applications that require data input and management.
Customization Restrictions: Businesses need to customize devices to fit their specific needs, including installing business applications, setting up user profiles, and configuring system settings. Retail mode typically locks these settings to prevent changes by customers in a retail setting.

Admins can use SureMDM to disable the retail mode app on these devices.


The purpose of this knowledge article is to provide a guide on how to disable the retail mode app on Samsung devices.




  1. Log into the SureMDM console.
  2. Navigate to the Jobs and create a New Job.
  3. Select OS as Android and click on Run Script.




Here, set the value to True and add the package name of the retail mode available on the device. Please refer to the below example.



3. Once done, create another run script job with the below command.


disable(Packagename1, Packagename 2,….)

Here, you can add the package name of the retail mode and the services associated with it. Please refer to the below example.



4. Once done, push these jobs to the device(s) on which you would like to disable retail mode. You can also create a composite job with the above jobs and push it to the device(s).

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Updated on May 2024