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How to disable retail mode app on Samsung devices

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Updated: May 2021

Retail mode on Samsung devices is kiosk kind of mode which is inbuilt for all Samsung devices. This mode can be used when the devices are set up for display. 

However, this mode is not suitable for enterprise purposes. Admin can use SureMDM to disable the retail mode app on these devices. 

Please follow the below-mentioned steps.


  1. Log into SureMDM.
  2. Create a run script job with the below-mentioned commands on the SureMDM web console.



Here, set the value to True and add the package name of the retail mode available on the device. Please refer to the below example.


3. Once done, create another run script job with below command.

disable(Packagename1, Packagename 2,....)

Here, you can add package name of retail mode and services associated with it. Please refer to the below example.


4. Once done, push these jobs to the device(s) on which you would like to disable retail mode. You can also create a composite job with the above jobs and push it on the device(s)

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