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How to disable the end user from configuring brightness

While Android’s ability to adjust brightness is valuable in most scenarios, there are instances where disabling end users from configuring this setting becomes necessary. Whether it is to maintain consistency, improve security, optimize performance, or conserve energy, the ability to restrict brightness adjustments provides administrators with a greater degree of control over Android devices in various environments.

Moreover, in certain specialized use cases, such as kiosk systems, public displays, or dedicated hardware devices, preventing users from altering brightness settings becomes crucial. These devices are designed to serve specific purposes, and any unauthorized changes to brightness can lead to suboptimal performance, diminished visibility, or even damage to the equipment.


The purpose of this knowledge article is to provide a guide on how to disable the end user from modifying the screen brightness.


  • The feature is available presently only for Android devices with OS 9 onwards and with SureMDM Agent v27.15.03 onwards.
  • Enrollment Methods: Device Owner (DO)


  1. Login to the SureMDM console.
  2. Navigate to the Profiles section and choose the Android platform.
  3. Click Add and select the System Settings tab.
  4. Click on Configure.

5. Navigate to or search for the option Disallow Config Brightness and enable the same.

6. Save the profile.

7. On the Home screen, select the device.

8. In the Apply Job/Profile To Device prompt, select the profile and click Apply.

Note: On the device end, when the end user tries to modify the screen brightness, they will be blocked with the prompt “Action not allowed”, as seen in the below screenshot.

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Updated on July 2023