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How to enable battery temperature compliance through the SureMDM console

When the device exceeds the normal temperature the admin can initiate a compliance job where it would check the battery temperature of the device and send a notification message to the SureMDM Inbox and other actions based on the rule defined.

The typical battery temperature of the Android device would be 0-35°C.


The purpose of this knowledge article is to provide a guide on how to enable battery temperature compliance through the SureMDM console.


  • This feature is available on the new console for Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • This feature is supported on Android devices with SureMDM Agent version >= 27.15.01.
  • Users can also add multiple actions to be performed and set the delay accordingly.


  1. Login to the SureMDM Console.
  2. Navigate to Jobs >> New job >> Android >> Compliance Job.
  3. Under Compliance job, navigate to Battery >> Scroll to Battery Temperature.
  4. Check Enable Battery Temperature.
  5. Set the Battery temperature should be = , <= , >=
  6. Set the required temperature accordingly in °C.
  1. If the battery temperature exceeds the limit set, then we can set a compliance action for it.
  2. Add the action type as per the requirement:
  • Send Message: It will send a message to the SureMDM Inbox as well as to the device
  • Move to Blocklist: It will move the device to blocklist in SureMDM Console.
  • Wipe Device: It will wipe all the data on the device.
  • Lock Device(Android/iOS/Linux): It will lock the device.
  • Email Notification: Mail would be sent to the email entered.
  • Apply Job: Any existing job could be added and this would be deployed on the device.
  • Send SMS: SMS would be sent to the contact number entered.
  1. Set the Delay according to the requirement in minutes/ hours/days or immediately for the selected action type to be performed on the device. 
  2. Click Save.

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Updated on March 2024