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How to enable Integrated SureLock using SureMDM Agent

SureMDM has come with a new feature wherein an Admin can enable SureLock on the devices using the SureMDM Agent. Admin will not need to install the SureLock application on the device and still use the SureLock features on the devices by just installing the SureMDM Agent on the devices.


The purpose of this knowledge article is to provide a guide on how to enable integrated SureLock using SureMDM Agent.


There are two ways to call SureLock integrated with the SureMDM Agent on the device.

  • One of them is to manually enable the SureLock option present in the SureMDM Agent settings.
  • The other one is to push a transcript job to enable integrated SureLock on the device using and run script job.


1. Log into SureMDM

2. Go to Jobs > New Job > Select Operating System as Android > Navigate to Run Script.

3. Create a Run script job for Android devices with the below command.

Step 1: Run script command to Enable the SureLock that is integrated with the SureMDM Agent.




  • True in the above command will disable the integrated SureLock on the device.
  • False in the above command will enable the integrated SureLock on the device.

Step 2: The admin can also use the below runscript to enable the integrated SureLock.



 4. Once done, push the job to the device(s) and the run script command will take effect.

Further, you can configure the device(s) by pushing the job of the SureLock setting from the SureMDM web console to the device.

This will get the device running into Kiosk mode with SureLock home screen giving access to only Allowed applications to the end-users. 

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Updated on March 2023