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How To Use SureMDM For Mobile Threat Detection?

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Updated: June 2021

The Mobile Threat Detection feature in 42Gears SureMDM scans applications downloaded on devices to detect potential threats. You can create setting configurations known as “profiles” to remotely secure many devices at once.

Note: Currently, this feature is only available for 42Gears enterprise license-holders users, and only on Android devices.

Steps to activate SureMDM’s Mobile Threat Detection functionality

Method 1: Schedule Multi-Device Scans And Obtain Threat Reports

1. Log in to your SureMDM Web Console.

2. Click on Profiles and select Android.

3. Click Add.

4. Click Mobile Threat Detection.

5. Click Configure.

6.  Enter a Profile Name, check the option to Enable MTD App Scan and choose the frequency with which scans should take place.

7. Click Save to save the profile.

8. Click Home, select the devices on which the profile has to be applied, and click Apply.

9.  Select the created profile and click Apply.

Once the Mobile Threat Detection profile is pushed to the device, the device will start a periodic scan based on the profile settings. After scanning is complete, SureMDM admins can view the devices’ health in the SureMDM web console’s device grid, showing the number of threats detected.

For easier analysis, admins can generate and view Mobile Threat Detection scan reports using the SureMDM console.

10. Click Reports.

11.  Select the MTD App Scan option, and then select the device or group for which you would like a report, and click Add.

12.  Click Request Report. Your request will be added to the queue- once the console has generated the report, click View Reports.

13. Click Download or View to download the report or view it in the browser, respectively.

Here’s a sample report.

Method 2: Scan A Device On-Demand

Admins can also scan the device instantly and generate an on-demand report for a single device through the System Scan feature.

1. On the SureMDM Home page, click More.

2. Select System Scan to instantly scan the device for potentially harmful apps.

Note: The device must be online.

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