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How To Enable Or Disable Search Indexing On Windows 10 Using SureMDM?

Just like previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 has a search indexing service that creates an index of all files on your computer (similar to a database index). This index greatly improves the speed at which Windows Search can look up a given file.

However, because indexing results in your computer constantly writing to the disk, it can eventually slow down the computer’s overall performance. If you never use Windows Search, you can improve your computer’s performance by turning off the Windows Search service and completely disabling indexing. You’ll still have access to Search, of course!

Indexing can be manually activated or deactivated on devices running Windows 10 but becomes tedious when dozens or hundreds of devices require the same alterations. IT Admins can save time by leveraging SureMDM by 42Gears to disable or enable indexing on computers running Windows 10. 

Steps to disable or enable indexing on devices running Windows 10

1. Login into your SureMDM Console, then navigate to Jobs.

2. Select New Job.

3. Select Windows as your Operating System.

4. Select RunScript.

5. Give this script job a name (e.g. “TurnOffIndexing”), and paste either of the following run script commands into the script box:

To disable Indexing:

sc config “wsearch” start=disabled 
sc stop “wsearch”

To enable Indexing:

sc config “wsearch” start=delayed-auto
sc start “wsearch”

6. Select Save.

7. Select Home on the top menu bar.

8. Select the device or group of devices on which you want to apply the script, and then select the Apply button at the top.

9. Select the RunScript job named “TurnOffIndexing” (created in step 5 above) and select Apply.

This will turn off or turn on Windows Search Indexing on the devices.

By using the Run Script job functionality in the SureMDM console, you can execute any Windows Command Prompt or PowerShell commands across all of your Windows devices.

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Updated on June 2021