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How To Enroll a Zebra RFID Reader to SureMDM

RFID or Radio-frequency identification readers are purpose-built, mobile, wireless, sensor-based devices that work on radio frequency waves. An RFID device has four key components- a reader, an antenna, a transceiver, and a transponder. These devices transmit a great deal of information from micro silicon chips to the tags attached to the items. RFID devices are a classic example of the Internet of Things technology and they generate a staggering volume of data that must be processed in a secure manner.

SureMDM offers enrollment of RFID Reader devices and manages them remotely such as reader’s antenna settings.

Below are the settings to enroll an RFID reader device.


* Configuring No Authentication

  1. Login to the SureMDM Console
  2. Navigate to Settings and to Account Settings
  3. Further click on Device Enrollment Rules
  4. Set No Authentication under Device Authentication Type
  5. Click Apply

* Configuring Things Gateway and Password

  1. Login to the SureMDM Console
  2. Navigate to Settings and to Account Settings
  3. Further click on Things Management
  4. Click on Enable Things Folder
  5. Click on Enable Things Gateway checkbox
  6. Enter the Password manually or click on Generate Password to generate a random password
  7. Click Save


  1. Turn On the RFID Reader

    Note:The RFID device and the laptop should be connected to the same network
  2. Open a browser and enter the URL in the below format <model_Name><last_6_digits_of_mac> to login.
    For example: http://fx75008036bd
  3. Enter the username and password to login into the RFID reader console
  4. Navigate to the Communication and expand Zebra IoT Connector
  5. Click on Configuration and update the tabs with below mentioned details

    • Connection
    • Topics
    • Certificates

    Server : The server URLs varies based on the region of the SureMDM account hosted. Below are the SureMDM URLs based on the region

    IN               : zebra-rfid.in.suremdm.io
    EU              : zebra-rfid.eu.suremdm.io
    US DNS     : zebra-rfid.suremdm.io
    US Master : zebra-rfid.42gears.com

    Port : 1884

    Protocol : TCP

    Client ID : This is the UID or Serial Number of the RFID Reader

    Clean Session : Check this option

    Debug : Uncheck this option

    Basic Authentication : Check this option

    Username : This will be the SureMDM Account ID

    Password : This is the Things Gateway password set in SureMDM section

    Keep Alive : Time interval for PINGREQ messages(default is 60 seconds)

    Update the values as shown below for Management Events and Tag Data Events

    Topic      : MQTT
    qos         : 0
    Retain    : True

    Update the values as shown below for Management and Control

    Under Command
    Topic      : CONNECTORTODEVICE/<Client_ID>/<SureMDM_Account_ID>

    Under Response
    qos         : 0
    Retain    : True

    Certificates are optional and can be skipped

  6. Click Update
  7. Navigate to Configurations and check into Interface Configuration and ensure all options are auto-filled with value Endpoint Name

    • Management Interface
    • Control Interface
    • Tag Data Interface
    • Management Event Interface

    Note:If the value(Endpoint Name) is not aut-populated, choose the same manually from the dropdown and click Update

  8. Navigate further to Connections option from the left section of the screen and click on Connect. This will show the Connection Status of the RFID reader as Connected
  9. The Zebra RFID Reader device will appear on the SureMDM console.

Currently, supported RFID devices are Zebra FX7500 and Zebra FX9600.

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Updated on January 2023