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How to export SureLock and SureFox settings

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SureLock & SureFox has an inbuilt option to export and import lockdown configurations and settings for making the gruesome task of configuring multiple devices with identical settings quick and easy. Using this feature you can export or import settings to cloud or a file.If you want to configure multiple devices with identical SureLock/SureFox Settings, use Export to File option to export the settings to a file which can be imported in other devices for configuration.


The purpose of this knowledge article is to provide a guide on how to export SureLock & SureFox settings.


  • You can use the settings file to create a backup of your settings for future use or provision other devices by importing the settings file on other devices.


1. Launch SureLock/SureFox.

2. Go to Admin settings using your password (Default: Tap on home screen for 5 times within 3 seconds to bring up the password prompt).

3. Once you are on the settings screen, tap Import/Export Settings and select Export to File option.

4. On the Export to File dialog box, you can tap on the Browse button  to select the location where you want to export the settings file. By default, the settings file is exported in your “/sdcard ” folder as SureLock.settings. (In case of SureFox, it will be exported as SureFox.settings)

5. Once you have selected the export location, tap OK > Done to export the settings to a file.

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Updated: April 2023

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