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How to generate a custom report in SureMDM?

SureMDM offers plenty of pre-defined reports in its Report section which are definitely highly useful reports for an organization. However, due to specific scenarios, admins might need reports with varying parameters from different reports and this can get hectic if the number of devices and associated data is huge. This is where custom reports come into the picture. Custom reports come with an array of parameters that can be clubbed together to generate requirement-specific reports. 

​Below are the steps to generate custom reports.

1. Login to the SureMDM web console and navigate to Reports.

2. Click Custom Report and click on + (add) 

3. Enter the Name and Description.

4. In the Select Tables, choose the parameters from the Tables list and Add them to the Selected Tables List

5. Further admin can also use Add Filters, Add Sort, and Add Groups features for more clarified data. Save the report.

6. Once done, go back to On-Demand Reports or Scheduled reports and search for the above-created report.

Note: In case of Scheduled reports enter the Group Name, scheduled time, and other requested parameters in the SureMDM web console. 

7Click on Request report.

8. Now, Go to the View reports section to Download or View the reports.

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Updated on May 2021