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How to get access to the blocked application/service while trying to access the allowed application in SureLock?

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Updated: May 2021

Surelock blocked any application/service while trying to access the allowed application?

Not able to access any particular application/service in Surelock even when it is allowed? Did you receive any toast message like ‘Surelock blocked:……’ while trying to access an application/option?
Sometimes, even when an application is allowed inside Surelock, you will not be able to access a particular application and it comes back to Surelock home screen giving you a toast message like below:
For example: ‘Surelock blocked: com.android.settings’

Why does this happen?

Generally, if an allowed application is dependent on any other application or service that is not allowed inside Surelock then Surelock blocks the access to this application or service.

Let’s take an example here as below:
If you have allowed the camera application inside Surelock and clicked a picture, you will not be allowed to view the picture unless you have allowed the gallery application too. Surelock will block the viewing of the picture and throws the below toast message.

How to resolve this issue?

In this case please follow the below steps to allow the dependent application/service.

  1. Launch Surelock and goto Admin settings
  2. Navigate to Surelock Settings and Tap on View diagnostic log under Diagnostic Settings. The related service will be blocked as shown in the below screenshot.

    Note: Please make sure the Enable diagnostic Log is checked.

3. Tap on the related service and click on the Edit icon to allow the service. Upon allowing the application, it will show as Allowed in Green in the Diagnostic Log View Screen.

Now, the Gallery application is allowed and pictures can be viewed inside the camera application without being blocked by SureLock.

Using Surelock Diagnostic logs you can view any application or service and allow/block it according to your requirement.

Note: It is very important to check which application or service is being allowed. Few applications can help end-user use the devices for unintended purposes. 

For example, Allowing the System settings application to be accessible to the end-user might help them exit the lockdown. 

It is better to hide such application icons on the SureLock Home Screen.  

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