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How to get Battery Info Analytics of devices enrolled in SureMDM

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Updated: August 2021

It is very much needed for any device to have a good battery performance. The same applies to devices that are enrolled in MDM solutions, after only when the device is on, they can be online on the console to help MDM solutions to gather the device information.

There are many activities, for which devices consume the battery. It can vary from services running in the background to applications running in the foreground.

SureMDM has now introduced Battery Info Analytics as a part of the custom report which helps the admin analyze the battery consumption rate, while their setup is running.

How to get the Battery Info Analytics?

To generate the Battery Info Analytics follow the below steps

1. Log into SureMDM and navigate to Jobs.

2. Click New Job and select the OS as Android. Further, click Device Info Configuration

3. Enter the below details.

a. Job Name.
b. Enable Device Info Configuration: Check this option 

  •     Sync Interval: Enter a value as a time interval for syncing the device details with the SureMDM web console. 

c. Enable Sampling: Check this option 

  • Sampling Frequency: Enter a value in minutes as a time interval for the SureMDM agent to collect the data for every defined minute of time

d. Attributes Name: Select BatteryInfoin Attributes Name list.

4. Click OK to save the job. 

5. Apply the Device Info Configuration job to the devices.

6. Further, navigate to the Reports section in the SureMDM web console and select Custom Reports.

7. Click Add (+), enter the Name of the report, and Search for Battery Info Analytics in Tables List. 

8. Select the attribute and move it to the Selected Tables List. Click Save to save the report. 

Once done, you can generate On-Demand Reports or Schedule Reports.

Note: The report will be generated after Sync Interval time (in hours).

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