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How to install and configure CamLock Agent on an Android device

Sensitive data is any data that poses a risk to the company or organization if it falls into the wrong hands and needs to be protected. Examples of such data can be anything from a prototype, source code, or documents. One of the easiest ways to capture such data would be to use a camera available on smartphones. Unless the camera on these devices is blocked, employees or visitors can easily capture this data, risking the exposure of private information.

We, at 42Gears, understand the intensity of this matter and have come up with a new solution, CamLock.

CamLock, as the name suggests, allows administrators to block cameras on Android smartphones of employees or visitors in order to stop them from taking pictures or videos of confidential material based on employee activity, location, and/or time of day.


The purpose of the article is to provide a guide on how to install and configure CamLock Agent on an Android device.




Step 1: Enabling the Things Management

1. Login to the SureMDM Console.

2. Navigate to Settings and click on Account Settings.

3. Further, click on the Things Management tab. Check the Enable Things Gateway option and set the password. Once done, save the configurations.

Step 2: Creating QR code

1. Once Things Management is enabled on the SureMDM console, navigate to the Enrollment section and click on the QR Code Enrollment option.

2. If the SureMDM account is new, click on the Get Started button; otherwise, click on the New option and select Create QR Code.

3. On the Setup QR Code for Enrollment prompt, enter the below details.

4. Under the Enrollment Type tab, enter the Name of the QR code, select Things as Platform, select the QR code Enrollment option as the Enrollment Type, and click on Next.

5. You will be navigated to the Configure Options screen. Under the Select Group option, select the group where the device is to be enrolled and choose between the options. Set Device Name Manually/Use System Generated Name for Set Device Name and click on Next.

6. Click on Save.

1. Download and install the CamLock app from the Play Store.

2. Launch the CamLock application, click on the Get Started button, and then grant all the necessary permissions for the application to work as expected.

3. On the Enrollment screen. The users can choose to manually enroll the device or use a QR code to enroll the devices on the SureMDM web console.

Step 1: Manual Enrollment

  1. Enter the SureMDM Server Path and the Password (Configured in the SureMDM Things management section) and click on Continue.
  2. On the next screen, enter the Employee/Visitor name and Employee/Visitor ID, and click Continue.
  3. This should enroll the device to the SureMDM console and change the device status to Online on the device.

Step 2: QR Code Enrollment

  • In the Enrollment Screen, the user should tap on the Scan QR button and read the QR code created in the Creating QR Code section on the SureMDM console. (Steps explained on the SureMDM side)
  • This will further navigate the user to another screen, where he will need to enter the Employee/Visitor name and Employee/Visitor ID. Click on Continue.
  • The Status screen will appear with the device enrolled in the SureMDM console and the status being Online.

Note: Once the device is successfully enrolled in the SureMDM console, the admin can select the device from the device list, toggle the Block Camera and CamLock Agent Uninstallation options based on the requirement, and click Apply to apply the changes to the device.

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Updated on January 2024