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How to Install Android Application(APK) on devices remotely using SureMDM?

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Updated: June 2021

A common problem faced by IT administrators is to install Android applications on a large number of devices manually. An efficient solution to this problem is to use a UEM solution like SureMDM. Creating an Install Job in SureMDM and remotely deploying the same to multiple Android devices makes the process not just easy but efficient too.

How to create Install Job in SureMDM Web Console?

1. Login to the SureMDM Web Console and Click Jobs

2. Click New Job and Select Android

3. Click Install Application job.

4. Enter Job Name and click Add.

5. Here you can use 2 ways to add the application to the Install job

a. Browse and upload the .apk file or insert the downloadable link of the application. Click OK once done

b. Install job can also be created by hosting the application to SureMDM App Store and Check Use Apps From AppStore option in the Install job.

Please click here to know more about SureMDM AppStore.


  1. Device path is /sdcard/ by default. However, the admin can change the device path as per their requirement.
  2. Install After Copy option should be checked to install the application once the .apk is copied to the device storage. This is supported on Samsung devices and devices with Signature permissions.
  3. Please ensure that the Upload status is completed before applying the job to the devices.

How to push the created job on devices?

1. Go to SureMDM Home.

2. Select the device(s) from the device list. Click Apply.

3. Select the created job from the list and click Apply.

Install Job will now be pushed on the device. This can be confirmed by a green tick beside the device, once the job is deployed.

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